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Preview of Fallen Heroes Featured

Written by  Dave Probert
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Fallen Heroes

Preview of Fallen Heroes

Barry Nugent is probably best know for being one half of the minds behind the Geek Syndicate website and is a regular on the convention circuit. You may have spotted him and his Geek Syndicate partner in crime David Monteith at the recent SFX Weekender. What you may not be aware of is the fact that Barry is also a published novelist.

His first novel Fallen Heroes was published in 2008 and has received rave reviews on Amazon. February 26th sees the official launch of issue 1 of the comic book adaptation at the Cardiff International Comics Expo and GeekPlanet have been lucky enough to get an exclusive sneak peek.

Adapted by journalist and freelance comic book writer Martin Conaghan with art by Steve Penfold the comic has not had an easy birth. Shortly after work began the company who had licensed the novel for adaptation, Insomnia Publications, ceased publishing.

The team decided they weren't going to let the project die there and decided to finish the adaptation. They then sought funding for a limited print run by selling advertising space and collecting donations and now issue 1 is ready for release.

So what of the comic itself? Well it is always difficult to judge how a title is going to play out based on the first issue but there is a lot to hold the interest here. The introduction sets up a back story of knights and black magic before throwing us into the modern day and introducing us to our main protagonists. Jason, a college student who has started to have some very strange dreams and charismatic thief for hire The Hand who is trying to get his hands on a mysterious disk that a lot of people really don't want him to have.

The story throws you straight into the action which is well captured by Penfold's artwork and there are enough intriguing plot threads started to entice you to read further. You may be left a little breathless by the pace but it is a solid début issue that should leave you wanting more.

Fallen Heroes is well worth a read and as an independent comics release that's a little bit different it is worth your support.

Issue 1 currently has a limited print run of one hundred but if sales go well there will be a reprint. You can pre-order a copy from here for £2 or wait until general release and pay £3. It is also going to be released digitally via iTunes for 89p

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    Email sent to find out how much P&P to Ireland would be ...this looks swish.

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