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About GeekPlanetOnline

Written by  Matt Dillon
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GeekPlanetOnline: The Fascination Nation!

c/o Interim Office, 71 Salisbury Road, Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 5LU
[TEL] +44 203 290 5179

GeekPlanetOnline is an online community dedicated to the passion and fascination of fandom, covering not only traditional "genre" concepts like Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror but also more modern areas of geekery, like video gaming, comedy and movies. Primarily a podcasting network, GeekPlanetOnline also produces a range of reviews, features and a discussion forum. We are a non-profit site and do not charge our users or our podcasters for content or hosting.


GeekPlanetOnline started life as, a personal project for our Publisher Matt Dillon. Common belief held that the internet was already full of fan communities and so-called social groups but most tended to be very niche, focusing on one topic, genre, series and so on, and that nearly all of them were insular. Perhaps most crucially, however, Matt found that the spirit behind them was almost universally mired in negativity - what sucked, what didn't live up to expectation, what it was and wasn't acceptable to like. What the internet needed, he felt, was a community which included anyone who wanted to join, which focused on the more positive aspects of fandom and in which geeks could talk about the things that they loved. The only problem was a lack of knowledge: Matt had the willingness to put something together, but no clue about how it might be done. This was about to change.

For the first seven months of 2008, Matt taught himself about Content Management Systems and how best to use them to build a website, launching on 31/07/2008 note only as a means to write about the things that he enjoyed but also as a “test site” with which to try out the things that he had learned. The site attracted a handful of volunteers, including a cartoonist, and its fair share of followers, but it remained a small and personal project until he met former site Editor Chris Brosnahan at a forum meet-up the following year.


Chris approached Matt about helping to produce a podcast idea he'd been developing and hosting it on the website. The remainder of the evening was spent batting ideas back and forth and the result of this conversation, The Eclectic Podcast, debuted on in February of that year. Chris took the Editor position a short time later, affording Matt the opportunity to build the community he'd always wanted to make. On his 29th Birthday, 29/03/2009, the site was relaunched as Six months later Dave Probert, who had joined The Eclelctic Podcast's roster that same year, was brought into the management team as Deputy Publisher, adding another highly talented and motivated individual to the site.

Team GPO

In 2010 the current incarnation of Team GPO assembled for the first time as Gillian Coyle was appointed to the position of Sub-Editor and Dave, taking over from a departing Chris Brosnahan, ably occupied the Editor's chair. 

GeekPlanetOnline now boasts a large and popular podcasting network, a busy forum and a growing selection of regular contributors bringing a superb and professional level of written content to a community which enjoys not only reading it, but contributing content back to the site in return. As we tumble through a new decade things can only get better – and it's all thanks to people like you. Just like you in fact. And we'd love to hear from you.

Fancy becoming part of our community? Then hurry over to our recruitment page and learn how you can join in!

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Matt Dillon

Matt Dillon

The creator, Publisher, webmaster, cartoonist and first ever Podcaster of GeekPlanetOnline. So there. When he's not busy tinkering with the site, recording or editing a podcast, Matt can be found catching up with a TV show that he's got into three years after everybody else or pissing his life away playing videogames. He's rubbish at them, but he plays them anyway.

Matt got his first taste of journalism writing for Sci-Fi London between 2007 - 2008. Since then he has written freelance for SFX Magazine, drawn more cartoons than is healthy and embarked upon writing a series of novellas, some of which actual human beings have actually read. He lives in West Sussex with several goldfish and a ridiculously large collection of movies and retro games consoles. He was officially sorted into Hufflepuff house in 2012.

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