bOrgCast: You WILL Be Org-Similated!

Newsgeek's Peter and Anne-Marie Organ rewatch every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (yes, even Shades of Grey!), and invite you to send in your own comments. Resistance is futile! You will be Org-ssimilated!

Saturday, 27 June 2015 14:31

bOrgCast 7.11- Laxative Tampon

Written by bOrgCast

Anne-Marie and Peter seek Sanctuary and take a trip on The Pegasus .

Saturday, 13 June 2015 15:05

bOrgCast 7.10- Pink spangly winky napkin

Written by bOrgCast

Aka- O Worf Where Art Thou?

Anne-Marie and Peter discuss Parallels and Second Sight .

Saturday, 30 May 2015 12:08

bOrgCast 7.9- ColombOdo

Written by bOrgCast

Anne-Marie and Peter investigate Necessary Evil, then discover if Inheritance is a appointment.

Saturday, 16 May 2015 14:00

bOrgCast 7.8- Mr Homm’s Bar Mitzvah

Written by bOrgCast

Peter & Anne-Marie experience Force Of Nature, before learning about Rules Of Acquisition.

Saturday, 02 May 2015 14:00

bOrgCast 7.7- Strawberry-Man

Written by bOrgCast

Watching Melora gives birth to an unlikely superhero, whilst Peter Hulks out thanks to Attached ...

Saturday, 18 April 2015 15:21

bOrgCast 7.6- Won’t somebody think of the children

Written by bOrgCast

The orgs look at Dark Page and Cardassians, and we learn the outcome of the...

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