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Whats a good podcast?
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TOPIC: Whats a good podcast?

Re:Whats a good podcast? 5 years, 2 months ago #2291

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Tom wrote:
We're honoured to have made the list sir!

We sure are indeed!
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Re:Whats a good podcast? 5 years, 2 months ago #2353

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still got alot of work to beat filmjunk. those nutty bastards from canada make one hell of a fun podcast.
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Re:Whats a good podcast? 3 years, 4 months ago #10102

Now Playing mostly reviews films in a series or franchise. If there is an upcoming sequel or remake, three hosts from a pool of reviewers review the entire series up to and including the weekend release review of the movie in question. For instance, when Platinum Dunes announced the remake of Friday 13th, Now Playing reviewed the series from the original film all the way to Jason X. Most recently they have been reviewing the Marvel films in preparation for The Avengers. Right now they are discussing the Blade films.

The hosts are funny, often well versed in the content of the films, and have a good dynamic. They also include bloopers at the end of each show. For a donation you can get additional podcasts for a limited time. Money goes to ticket and hosting prices. The also sell merch and have a forum for film discussions.
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Re:Whats a good podcast? 3 years ago #10260

Outside the Cinema

A podcast for cult cinema discussion. They review two films a week from horror, sic-fi, cult comedy, gialli, blacksploitation, martial arts, and basically any exploitation cinema. The hosts are Bill By Force and Mr. Chris who record a live show every Monday afternoon from a studio in Massachusetts. The shows run pretty long, up to and occasionally exceeding three hours.

The have a Top Six segment wherein each host lists six items off some arbitrary, often listener submitted, list. Top six death scene. Top six actors you would like to punch. Top six unofficial sequels.

The feedback segment is quite expansive as well as OTC has been a featured film podcast on iTunes. Closing the show is a special segment by Reverend Scott, a good friend of the hosts. His part is called Holy Shit with Reverend Scott.
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Re:Whats a good podcast? 2 years, 11 months ago #10462

Are You Serious?

What started as a pop culture podcast ended up as a show about politics and religion. The hosts are up on current events. Both are hard lined atheists and lean to the left, though each will surprise you at times with more conservative opinions. Are You Serious? digs at the ridiculous in politics and religion. Somehow the hosts can make the most depressing or horrific story funny. As they say, this show is strong coffee so beware. Shows can also get up to 3 hours in length.
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Re:Whats a good podcast? 2 years, 10 months ago #10496

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Can't believe I never responded to this thread.

Besides the GPO ones, main ones I listen to.

SSAAPodcast and their umbrella podcasts
Just a Gintama podcast (for Gintama)
Hunter X Hunter podcast (for Hunter x Hunter)
One podcast prevails (for Detective Conan)

They run a few, poorly made but still quite entertaining, podcasts. The main podcast covers mainly anime but also gaming and some other things.

Anime World Order is actually good for covering many older anime series and manga. They're good for their reviews of classic series and also keeping abreast of some of the newer series which aren't aimed at kids, though they cover a few shonen shows.

Many of the other podcasts I've listened to are sadly inconsistent in their release or have ended.

Wake Up, Shoryuken is the main fighting game podcast which looks at the scene in detail. It's one of the few consistant podcasts for the scene, it's a good podcast and has some great guests from the scene but it's not game specific.

I do still listen to the Half Way Round the World podcast (though it took me a while to realise they'd gone for a second season) and the Ourobouros podcast as well along with some other music podcasts, though I'm behind on many of them.

I used to listen to many more podcasts but some of them have fallen behind or I simply don't make time for them.

Re: Whats a good podcast? 2 years, 10 months ago #10521

if you like the casts on geekplanet then there are some american geek casts on www.nerdist.com/ or if you just want a funny cast try keith and the girl.
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Re: Whats a good podcast? 2 years, 9 months ago #10553

The List Music Podcast

A music discussion podcast centered around the hosts' separate top five lists centered around a changing theme from week to week. Top 5 Drinking Songs, Top 5 Female Performers, Top 5 Break Up Songs and the like. They not only discuss the songs and the artists in detail, they also relate personal stories centered around songs and debate the merits of one musical artist or another. The hosts have a friendly yet dynamic chemistry and are made up of...

Ricardo - the ringleader of the show. A happy guy who simply loves depressing music. Go to artists are Elliot Smith and Cat Power.
Jenny - the baby of the group. An artist who loves all kinds of music - even country. Go to artist is The Beatles.
Juan - Musician whose a bit of an odd duck. He's Ricardo's cousin. Go to artists Tool and A Perfect Circle.
VK Lynne - singer / songwriter and independent woman. Go to artists Nightwish and Beth Hart.

As with most podcasts this crew has developed inside jokes over the course of recording and despite having not many episodes so far it is suggested you listen from episode one for the most impact.
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Re: Whats a good podcast? 2 years, 9 months ago #10595


long running podcast by a bevy of lady geeks. Discussion ranges from comic books, sic-fi movies, fantasy novels, to shirtless men on the internet. The tone is both charming and humorous with plenty of sass. Here is just a sample of things offered in just one episode.

Men who like My Little Pony (Bronies)
Finding Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in Young Adult Fiction at the local bookstore
The inordinate amount of crying men on the UK Being Human
Shirtless Avengers GIFs
Three way fight between Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson, and Gary Oldman
The Red Lantern Broadway Musical
John Waters presents Camelot
Bill Shatner: Shakespearean Actor!
Commissioner Gordon beating up on hippies

This is a great companion piece to The Irish Pubcast.
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