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TOPIC: bOrgCast 8.9- Visionary & Distant Voices

bOrgCast 8.9- Visionary & Distant Voices 1 year 1 month ago #12949

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O'Brien and Bashir take it in turns to be on the receiving end of medical maladies in these 2 episodes.

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bOrgCast 8.9- Visionary & Distant Voices 1 year 1 month ago #12950

"Visionary" or I hate temporal mechanics

During the Romulans' visit to DS9 for a briefing on the developments of the Dominion threat. A very no bullshit meeting to figure out how bad a threat the Dominion could be and it is a real threat nuke the wormhole... Got to love the efficiency.

A high dose of radiation subjects O'Brien to a series of unpredictable temporal displacements, causing him to periodically jump into the near future for short periods of time. While in the future, he witnesses curious events including his own death and worse.

What could've been an exercise in forgettable technobabble something sister series Voyager has been offered plenty of but instead proves to be a solid high-concept story and a good outing for O'Brien.

so Past-Miles is so poisoned with radiation that experiencing another dose of temporal shifting would surely be deadly so Future-Miles instead goes back into the past with the crucial information. This is an interesting twist and a rather brave decision on the writers' part, which gives us some rather paradoxical food for thought. I'm glad they didn't let anything like restraint or plausibility get in the way of fresh storytelling.

But seeing as future Miles had no idea of Past-Miles jump it a good odds that it not a future Miles but a parallel miles...

The closing scene, where Sisko confronts the Romulans over their intentions of destroying the station and the wormhole because of their paranoia of Dominion invasion, is a satisfying jewel and I always like it when Sisko sports the no-nonsense attitude.

But most important of all this episode that the dart game at Quark's is introduced,

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bOrgCast 8.9- Visionary & Distant Voices 1 year 1 month ago #12951

"Distant Voices" Or "Owww My tennis balls..."

I get where Julian's 30th birthday is bugging him I did a major what have done with my life thing back then .

"Distant Voices" is strange, atypical, offbeat and often quite interesting. What more could you expect from a Joe Menosky concept? He's the guy who brought us TNG's "Darmok," "Masks" and "Emergence," as well as DS9's "Dramatis Personae" and "Rivals." Sometimes Menosky concepts can be terrific stories like this... Sometimes they can be bizarre works which seem to beam in from other galaxies, like the laughably horrendous "Masks."

The concept: A telepathic attack leaves Dr. Bashir dying in a coma. The story is told from inside Bashir's mind. Each facet of his personality is represented by one of his DS9 comrades. In order to survive, he must use the different parts of his personality to repair a dead Deep Space Nine. (The station, of course, represents Bashir's own mind.)

Another, perhaps bigger problem with this story is that it presses the symbolism factor on us by trying to explain every symbol in some concrete manner. Explaining every piece of what the station stands for in Bashir's mind is an excessive step the writers take that doesn't give the audience enough credit. "oh you repent my profesonalism" It's almost like they're condescending. Symbolism is a device that requires subtlety—and subtlety is definitely not present here. Consequently, the episode's symbolism angle falls apart, just as it did in "Emergence."

on the other side of the coin when the station is abandoned it look great.

you can't go totally wrong with any episode with Garak, real or not. even so the Lethian's final assault on Bashir: there is nothing dramatically effective about a villain saying "YOU FEEL SAD ABOUT X, Y AND Z" and the hero responding "NO, I DO NOT FEEL THAT BAD ABOUT X, Y AND Z," which I think more or less sums up the problem of the big confrontation; we only really have the Lethian's word that Bashir is inclined to give up because of these "failures," and so it is hardly any kind of triumph for Bashir to get past the crushing despair that the Lethian claims he has.

Joe Menosky who's TNG stuff was roundly bad Ironically is the behind the best parts of voyager with Scorpion, Year of Hell, Living Witness, Timeless and my favourite story The Voyager Conspiracy

The episode could have been MUCH better if DS9 was normal, at least initially. Bashir wakes up, calls Odo, they start hunting the alien. Bashir's condition is getting worse, he doesn't know why, suspects the alien. Stakes raised. The alien starts sabotaging the station. Odo is less capable then usual in apprehending him, Dax and O'Brien can't keep up technically, etc... an actual mystery.

Now it's very possible this whole thing is all Garak's holo-program

Yet somehow I enjoy this one... god knows why.
I will come to the massive retcon in this story when it comes up later in the show...
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