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TOPIC: bOrgCast 8.12- Family Business and Shakaar

bOrgCast 8.12- Family Business and Shakaar 11 months 2 weeks ago #12968

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Something of a contrast with these two, but will either of them stand up to a rewatch?
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Religion is a bit like knitting; basically good but responsible for some very bad things.
Milton Jones

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bOrgCast 8.12- Family Business and Shakaar 11 months 1 week ago #12969

"Family Business" or It just don't add up...

BRUNT:- "I sincerely hope I never see any of you again."

The role of the Ferengi in the Star Trek universe is becoming a issue, as further demonstrated in this somewhat frustrating episode. When TNG began, the Ferengi were to be the major threat to the Federation. The idea was abandoned very early on and, over the years, the Ferengi have changed from their occasional lightweight threats to the simple comic relief

with the recent Ferengi vehicles "Family Business" and "Prophet Motive," the Ferengi are beginning to wear quite thin—as is the character of Quark, despite Shimerman's always-lively portrayals.

In this outing, Quark is investigated by the Ferengi Commerce Agency (FCA), who tell him he is responsible for the illegal actions of his mother Ishka. She's a female earning profit, and that is against the law.

Ishka is rigidly stubborn on keeping the profit. It's a matter of principle. She is better at earning profit than most Ferengi males and believes it's downright wrong that the sexist laws of Ferengi culture prevent her from legally doing so... And here in lies the problem of this story earning profit is THE ONLY good for the Ferengi culturally and this idea about there women is culturally "dysfunctional" at best. let me expaian how the writers fail econimics at the most basic level by the absurdly ridiculous depiction of Ferengi society. Why would any capitalist society so severely cripple a full half of their population? eather as workers or consumers You would think capitalists would be happy that women are out there in the marketplace Making them MONEY or earning as much profit as humanly, or Ferengily (is that even a word?) possible. Is this supposed to be a reductio ad absurdum of some kind? Because there is no societies (even the most patriarchal ones) that come even remotely close to this in their treatment of women. Or are they just saying that capitalism is inherently sexist? If that's the case then why are capitalist societies often the very best ones when it comes to gender equality? or equality of any damn kind.

Now if they were the mindless, submissive waifs as perpetuated by myth this would work but Ishka is not magical she is very skilled but not magical. in fact she seems normal lets look at Ishka has a pretty good life. Widowed and living alone on Ferenganor, she bucks tradition, dresses as she pleases, speaks to males outside her family, does the profit-earning work she loves, and gets a stipend from her well-off son. The legal and cultural enslavement of Ferengi women is, therefore, cast as a lightweight concern: we viewers are encouraged to see her as a stropy middle-class lady whining because she wants to play in the boys' league. and this is Unlike famous Star Treks of old which used sci-fi to make us think seriously about real social problems of today, this story determinedly wants us to laugh at those problems.

Ferengi women live under the following restrictions: They are kept utterly dependent on male family members. They are told how to dress. They are not permitted to speak to unrelated males. They are not allowed to travel. They are also the repositories of 'family honor' as we see in Quark's words to his mother ("our family's disgrace...our family's reputation...")

These are not the cute problems of big-eared aliens on a tv show. These are the very real problems of hundreds of millions of real human women: stuck under a number of faiths and cults around the real world.

I can see a faith based race like a bajorans pulling this shit however for a race all about the "green"... taking out half of your profits it's the opposite of the heart of the culture... in short... THIS IS BULLSHIT!
Mike drop.

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bOrgCast 8.12- Family Business and Shakaar 11 months 1 week ago #12970

"Shakaar" or Kira Kicking Asre

When the First Minister of the Bajoran Provisional Government dies Three years in and the government is still "provisional"?, Kai Winn steps up into his place with intentions of running for office and becoming Bajor's government leader for the next six years on top of being it's space-pope. Shortly thereafter, she visits the station and requests Major Kira to convince Shakaar—one of Kira's closest friends and allies from the resistance—to return some rare government-issued farm equipment to be put to more urgent use.

ecxept the fedration is right there with fucking replowcater on there doorstep but we will just ignore that

Beginning as a recap of "Progress" in which Kira is forced into taking the side of the common good over the side of the struggling individual, the episode turns into a confrontation when Winn refuses to listen to the proposals for compromise Shakaar wishes to present. Instead, she sends security forces after Shakaar to arrest him. Kira joins him and finds herself on the run with Shakaar and a fast growing number of allies. quite a formidable team of followers. he is popular because of his sculpted wavy hair.

As they are chased through a number of valleys and terrain, by The head of the militia who is played by the actor who played Rawls on the TV show The Wire, so our heroes are fucked... these characters seem to fall right back into the cat-and-mouse routine of the Cardassian Occupation. Kira's reunion with old friends talking about old times proves quite absorbing, particularly the early scene at Shakaar's simple residence. However, they recognize the difference between fighting Cardassians and fighting other Bajorans, many of which they battled alongside during the Occupation.

Tensions mount, neighbouring providences start taking sides and we are on the road to civil war, This is all due to Winn's misguided attempts to be sure order is restored without embarrassment to herself. Winn has the nerve to request Starfleet security backup. Sisko tells her in no uncertain terms to fuck right off, then speaks his mind (albeit very diplomatically), telling Winn that she has gone a little megalomaniac . She retorts with a threat to withdraw Bajor's application to the Federation.

at this point they could power the world with Winn's ego. however Shakaar and Kira *also* as risking a civil war over some farm equipment. food to not stave or trade. (wait replocators exist... ignore the plot hole...)

the troops on the ground and Rawls who is the most on the ball guy going wants to avoid a civil war and everyone talks it over before quickly deposing the Kai. this trio don't fuck around...

"provisional" government is no longer a term used after this coup.

so this is fun and enjoyable if you don't think about it too hard (it could be that watching this right after the last one a direct injection of 100CC of tiny tiny ants into your genitals would be fun and enjoyable in comparison.)
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