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TOPIC: GPO Magazine

GPO Magazine 1 year 11 months ago #12438

OK Sorry to all the non Patreon people out there who need to wait for the ad-supported version of the magazine as issue 2 is amazing!!!! :lol: :woohoo: :cheer:

Amber Lawerence you are my hero due to your amazingly "Random Gaming" section which I believe was extremely well thought out and presented.
I am not particularly into games (I like gem swapping games and other free apps like that and have recently got into some typing games) I tend to get lost and get caught up in collecting every coin or something on the few occasions I have tried proper computer games: so I was close to skipping past this section until I heard what you were talking about.
As far as I know I don't have any mental health issues but Amber did mention neurodiversity too. (Sorry to listeners of the BOrg Cast as that hackneyed dyslexia card is coming out again.)
The way Amber talked about her Anxiety Brain is how I often talk about my Dyslexic Brain (sometimes my Dyslexia Monster) and any type of stress or panic makes my Dyslexic Brain even harder to control.
Amber's description of her daily life (I think when she is having good days) made me think about how I live (just a bit differently).

I also love "The Joy of Stacks"! Tanya has made me seriously consider re-listening to my audio version of "The Lovely Bones" I have had it for a long time and it often catches my eye in my library it just rarely makes it on to my iPod.
The passages Tanya read out; reminded me how lyrical and magical Alice Sebold's writing is. I'm not sure if the information Tanya told us about Alice Sebold's own experiences will help me listen or not. I remember it did stir up a real mix of emotions; and while I agree that reading (or in my case listening) is a safe way to experience the horrors of live, I do not need anymore reasons to hide at home and only emerge for work, volunteering and religious obligations.
However I would like to thank Tanya for reminding me of the life affirming aspects of this definitely worth a read book.

The Black Dog guys were as funny and informative as always. Comic book heroes have often confused me, almost as much as graphic novels (I am never sure which speech/thought bubbles to read first).

Emma and Peter Newman have informed me about another TV series I will need to see. I.e. "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries". In fact it was something that Emma Newman said that finally made me write this post.
Emma pointed out how Miss Fisher is stunning but in a normal way, as if she could be one's next door neighbour. I saw 1 of those ads for a Disney resort; the one that goes on about kids growing up and wanting to be treated like they are grown up. There is an awful bit where the voice over says something like "they find new princesses" whilst a wee girl watches a couple of late teenagers or young women jogging in the park. Then the voice over says something about "true princesses" whist the ad shows cos-play Snow White and Cinderella (I think) in a carriage at Disney. I'M SORRY but shouldn't that be the other way around????!!!!!????
I am really going to have to put getting Netflix again near the top of my wish list (when my/our long-term financial situation becomes clearer).
As another section of the magazine made me even more impatient to see Sense8.

And Gillian (La Jellybean) keeps telling us about good films on Netflix too. It's great to hear from Gillian again (after The Babble On Project ended).

I love the Newman's both on the GPO Magazine and on Tea & Jeopardy as I feel like they are my bridge into geekdom sometimes as I feel like I don't quite know enough or use quite the right language.

Talking of my entry-level access to GeekPlanetOnline Rev and Anne-Marie Organ also provide this for me through The BOrg Cast. But I enjoy listening to them talking about new cartoons too, and it is WONDERFUL to hear from both Luke and Leia Organ as well!!!!!

Mr Moon is also a genius and he may well make me into a horror film watcher (which I would never have imagined 6 months ago). I really enjoyed his "Chill Corner" about 'The Old Dark House' genre this month!!! As I think la_jellybean said on Twitter: it was incredibly well, deeply and thoroughly researched piece and Jim made some amazingly tangential connections!!!
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