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TOPIC: The rise of Sarcasm Fail?

The rise of Sarcasm Fail? 5 years 5 months ago #10436

I'm sure anyone here who has an FB account gets sent at least one Cracked.com top Five or similar. You know, the one where they are busy straining themselves to the point of prolapse to mine comic material out of some form of geektastic stream of consciousness. Okay, fair play to Cracked, they usually get some comedy together and are thoughtful at the same time.

Now, I for one, as an Edgar Rice Burroughs fan, am looking forward to the John Carter movie, and am getting somewhat tired of the trendiness of setting it up to fail (Oooh, it's Disney! Weird film title, oblong dogs, etc). The last particularly got my notice of one blog, Vulture.com

Now, it seems yet another blog has attempted the snide tones of the tragically hip. I can't name other blogs with this style, but have seen them, but it seems to be more prevalent now, yet the whole Popbitch style is over a decade old. Surely these sites are simply trying too hard for lack of any other content, and are simply coming across as tragic?
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Re: The rise of Sarcasm Fail? 5 years 5 months ago #10440

Why oh why have I missed this post!

I've become more than a little pissed off with constant snark within blogs.

As someone who has a film blog I started out like that found out it looked and sounded awful and "refined" my style to just film reviews, in which I try to be as informative as possible. I doubt everyone likes what I write but I'm very happy that I'm not going down the popbitch route and garnering my own voice. I cannot tell the difference between so many of these blogs that are trying to be hip with hits.

You state lack of content, unfortunately that's what you get with so many film blogs now. Mass hype and hysteria over a name change or another photo of batman and bane on stairs. It's very frustrating at the best of times.
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