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TOPIC: Can geeks be sporty?

Re: Can geeks be sporty? 6 years 9 months ago #7779

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AMO wrote:

the thread on the other forum has people working in IT and those married to those working in IT testifying to the existence of sporty geeks, but I think I may not have made myself clear enough in my OP - we're talking about people who play and are good at sport being geeks rather than people who follow sport but don't themselves play

In that case, I'd say yes they do exist, but I haven't come across many.

I personally am quite sporty, I've ran the London Marathon in the past, did martial arts for years and I still keep in shape. But yeak overall, I don't really know any geeks who for example go and play football every weekend or anything.

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Re: Can geeks be sporty? 6 years 9 months ago #7785

Arsenal Supporter.

Played football from age 12 to 18. still play six a side depending on where I'm working. Used to swim weekly, and did tae-kwon-doe (sp).

Playing football on Monday before the podcast recording.

Ran for districts when at school.

Can I talk about Kubrick now?

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Re: Can geeks be sporty? 6 years 9 months ago #7797

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Played Rugby at school and for the county team up until my early 20s. I still watch rugby (Union & League), I'm not fanatical about it, I won't go out of my way to watch it, but I still watch.

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Re: Can geeks be sporty? 6 years 9 months ago #7800

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AMO wrote:

Someone on another forum who isn't herself a geek but knows a fair few had her son tell her that if someone was sporty they couldn't be a geek. They could be smart, but by definition not a geek, if they were sporty. She disagreed, but wanted to know what others thought. I thought THIS forum was the ideal place to ask, and said so.

So - Can a geek be sporty?

What do you all think?

I think that her son was pandering to the stereotype that "geek" = "nerd" and the whole "jock"/"nerd" thing and never the twain shall meet (viz any American High School movie).

Going by the true definition of "geek" which is far closer to "fanatic" than "nerd", I think you can be sure that many sports fans we know are as geeky, if not more so, than your average science fiction geek. What is a Saturday game with two opposing sides dressed to match if not the ultimate in cosplay?

(Of course, this also explains why there are so few gay sports fans. Imagine the horror of turning up to a match and sitting next to someone in the same shirt!)*

Having said that, I have to say that most of the geeks I know aren't actually sporty in themselves. However, I think a lot of that may be more to do with age than their geek credentials, as the vast majority of my friends are closer to my (late 30s) age group and I think it is definitely fair to say that you get less inclined to be sporty as you get older(!)

*This is, of course, a joke. Some of the most passionate football and rugby fans I know are gay.

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Re: Can geeks be sporty? 6 years 8 months ago #7993

You probably could be both, I certainly know a few geeks who like sport and/or keeping fit, but I think most geeks remember the horror of PE, which probably put them off competitive sport for life.
I was allergic to competitive sport at school. I just didn't care one jolt and whenever there's a massive football event I want to leave the country... I care so little, I think I go into minus figures. It's a real problem avoiding football and the madness it brings with it when you live in Essex.
On the other hand, I try and keep fit, I go to the gym, a fitness class (where I try not to glance at myself in the mirror... *shudder*) and belly dancing (no mirrors, thank Christ, it'd be like watching a lava lamp!). I want to try and stay healthy and active and shift what I like to call my post baby scrotum tummy.
It sort of helps that my gym plays Jeremy effing Kyle on the TV screens. There's a motivator for the running machine if ever you needed one. I can also more or less guarantee I'm the only one there listening to German gothic techno-lite whilst running.

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Re: Can geeks be sporty? 6 years 3 months ago #9521

A slight sidetrack - I used to be in a TA squadron who was pretty much in its entirety were geeks - GIS mappers and printers. Postgrads up the wazzoo.

Chris Bonnington, mountain climber is also a keen wargamer.

Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden's forntman, is also a fencing nut and commercial airline pilot.
American examples - Curt Schilling, major-league baseball star, also happens to run Multi-Man Publishing which produces Advanced Squad Leader.

Lou Ferigno, Cowboy James Storm - members of the SCA

Vin Diesel probably counts too.

Cracked.com asked this question a couple years back - www.cracked.com/article_15753_8-celebrit...know-were-geeks.html

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