BLOODSUCKING FIENDS! Yep, we’re talking about vampires this time around, and there was soooooo much to cover, we ran a bit long. But we know you’ll stick with us. (You’ll stick with us, right? RIGHT?)

We couldn’t possibly touch on everything vampire related, so we crammed in most of the things we are familiar with, and if we leave something out, you’ll just have to send feedback about it, won’t you?

Brandi has a nosebleed through most of this episode (how appropriate), so forgive the sniffles you will hear. Also, in the news we talk about going to the KMFDM concert for our anniversary, but sadly *sob* the concert was cancelled, as the band was snowed under in Denver and the roads were closed. DAMN YOU, SNOW!!

Come along on this ramble. Our topic may suck, but we don’t! AH HA HA HA HA!

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