The final episode lead by Iain sees The Dramatic go on a visual worldwide crime spree. Delving into one of his favourite cinematic genres, Iain selects three stand out crime films from world cinema. First up is South Korea’s A Bittersweet Life. An ace organised crime thriller that introduced audiences to Byung-hun Lee. Next, the conversation goes to Brazil for swat drama Elite Squad where the bringing the fight against slum gangs is its own morally corrupt battle. Finally, in France, Vincent Cassel’s epic Mesrine: Killer Instinct is our last film of the conversation. The first part of a major crime biopic seeing Cassel in a towering performance as one of France’s most infamous criminals.

Music Notes

As we had no actual dialogue clips to share this time out, we decided to use some of the music connected to our three films:

  • The track to introduce A Bittersweet Life is called “Fairness” by Dalparan.
  • The track to introduce Elite Squad is called “O Rappa” by Lado B Lado A.
  • The track to introduce Mesrine is called “I’m a man” by Black Strobe. It wasn’t featured in the film but was used in the