Welcome to the launch issue of GPO Magazine, featuring contributions from written and performed by the brightest stars of the podcasting universe! In this month’s issue:

  • Matt Dillon and Dave Probert talk over retro gaming habits, the superhero backlash and fill you in on what’s going on at GeekPlanetOnline in our Editorial
  • Lee Medcalf and Darren Barnard bring you all of the geek news that’s fit to mock in Black Dog News
  • Tanja Huvila makes a passionate case for Finnish author Mika Waltari, and his seminal novel The Egyptian, in The Joy of Stacks
  • Jim Moon presents a potted history of the late, great Sir Christopher Lee in Chill Corner
  • Emma and Peter Newman enthuse about the recent television adaptation of Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell in Gloriously Geeky
  • Amber Lawrence revisits classic JRPG Final Fantasy VII – with surprising results – in Random Gaming
  • Hugh David talks about two must-see shows that should go on your catch-up list in Binges & Boxsets
  • Brandi and David Jackola explain the subculture of Gas Punk, by way of Mad Max, in The Dark Side
  • Gillian Coyle digs out two hidden nuggets to add to – or strike from – your instant video queues in Next Flicks
  • Anne-Marie and Peter Organ begin their exploration of modern children’s TV with a look at Avatar: The Last Airbender in OrgToons
  • And our resident hillbilly nerd Isaac, otherwise known as comedian Jeff Holland, provides a Final Thought for you to chew over until next month

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