Ian and Dave find themselves in something of a narrative wasteland with the three episodes of Twin Peaks they are covering this month. In episode 19, Cooper's search for a cabin to buy leads him directly to Jean Renault's hideout, Boring Mike finds himself humiliated in front of the wrestling team by Nadine, and Ben grows ever more eccentric. In episode 20, Major Briggs is debriefed after his return from the White Lodge, Denise goes undercover with Ernie to get the evidence to clear Cooper but things go wrong, and it leads to a final confrontation between Cooper and Renault. In episode 21, the widow of Dougie Milford is held at gunpoint by the Mayor, Leo Johnson wakes up in a foul mood, and Wydham Earle steps out of the shadows. They also recast scenes with actors from the Carry On films, marvel at the presence of David Warner doing not very much, and brave the terror of Jeddy!
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