After and enforced delay due to Dave's household going to war with several Internet providers, the watching of Twin Peaks can continue. In episode 22, Wyndham Earle has a new pet in the form of Leo Johnson, Thomas Eckhardt makes his presence felt, and Ben Horne wins the American Civil War for the South. In episode 23, Josie is left with nowhere to turn as Eckhardt closes in from one side and Cooper closes in on the other after Albert finds evidence that she was the person who shot Cooper. In episode 24, Harry struggles to cope with Josie's death, Earle is unhappy with Cooper's chess move, and a benefit in aid of the pine weasel descends into chaos. They also discuss the identity of the weasel messiah, enjoy a moment imported form Hey, an Actor!, and delight in The Phantom arriving in Twin Peaks. SLAM WEASEL!
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