The endgame approaches for Ian in Dave in the penultimate episode of their Twin Peaks coverage. In episode 25, Donna begins investigating her mother's involvement with Ben Horne, Gordon Cole discovers that he can hear Shelly perfectly, and Annie gives Cooper a clue that leads him to the mysterious Owl Cave and the unearthing of ancient petroglyphs. In episode 26, corruption and intrigue surround the Miss Twin Peaks contest, and Earle reveals his plans to Ted Raimi who is then killed and inserted into a giant chess pawn. And in episode 27, Jeddy begins to show signs of rebellion, Major Briggs falls in to Wyndham Earle's clutches, and Bob makes a return to the physical plane. They also discuss the fact Twin Peaks may be set in the same universe as The Phantom, enjoy the mainly absent James Hurley, and make far too many references to Batman Begins.
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