Ian and Dave close out the year by beginning a new show: Steven Moffat's Jekyll. In episode one, Doctor Tom Jackman has left his family, quit his job, and has gone into seclusion. He hires Katherine Reimer to act as a go-between for himself and his dark side. Things grow more complex when Jackman discovers he is being followed by several parties, and Mr. Hyde finds out his name from Benjamin Lennox who claims to represent the company that owns him. In episode two, Katherine drugs Dr. Jackman to find a secret, accidentally unleashing Mr. Hyde in the process. Plus, Benjamin conducts an experiment putting Dr. Jackman's son in danger, and Dr. Jackman meets his mother. They also discuss similarities between this and Moffat's later work, come up with their own episode titles, and make references to British sitcoms of the 1990s.
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