It’s time for a bumper season fnarr-le episode, featuring listener feedbackageddon! Prepare for laughtears as Matt and Gillian discuss the sublime Sleeping In Light. Our second Grey Sector features a review of season five as a whole, and our third Grey Sector sees an overview of Babylon 5. Plus! Matt provides Gillian with a new ship. Why did John Sheridan really go back to Babylon 5? And it turns out that some friends are more reluctant than others to have their absence toasted.

Don’t worry – we’re not going beyond the rim just yet. We still have the TV Movies and The Lost Tales to cover, and in our next episode we’ll be discussing In The Beginning. Keeeeeeeeep Babbling!

Lacklustre Art Minbari’s theme music is “I Crush Everything” by Jonathan Coulton, and is used under the Creative Commons Licence. Visitwww.jonathancoulton.comfor more great music!

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