Well, look at that. The sun’s coming up. Yes, it’s almost time to bid a final farewell to our last, best hope for geeks, but before JMS turns up to hit the self-destruct switch (well, after the jokes we’ve made about Delenn we’ve kinda had it coming) there’s still time for a whopping three hours and 20 minutes of podcast as Gillian and Matt discuss The Lost Tales and listen to your feedback for the last time. There will be laughter, there will be feels, and because this is us there will undoubtedly be songs. This is White Star 69… signing off.

Matt and Gillian would like to thank all of our listeners and supporters for walking beside us on this incredible 65-episode, four-year journey. We couldn’t have done it – and wouldn’t have got this far – without you and the incredible Babylon 5 fan community. Thank you for listening, thank you for feeding back, and thank you for making us feel powerful enough to fight legends.


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