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I'm prone to crushes. Pashes, fads, phases and flavours of the month. Some become loves that last for years, burning ever brightly; some fade quickly. Whether it's bands, series of books, collectibles or films, my life could be catalogued by crush. 

So, unsurprisingly, I regularly have major crushes on TV shows. Except lately, not so much. My two last big TV crushes were Supernatural and Glee. While I still watch both, the honeymoon period is most definitely over. Season six of Supernatural has been patchy, with moments of brilliance and moments of “Oh dear Bob, REALLY?” despair. Although only in its second season, Glee has lost most of what made it endearing, and is now basically just any old teen drama, but with songs. Actually, I recently fell hard for Lorraine Pascal and her Baking Made Easy series on BBC2. I love her. I've got the cook book and everything. Also, I can't get enough of Laura Linney's The Big C. I love her too. 

But I'm having trouble finding a new genre TV crush. This is something of a problem for a TV columnist on a genre website. 

It may be a lot to do with giving up Sky, as mentioned in an earlier column. Freeview seriously limits the amount of genre telly on offer. Being Human and Misfits are both excellent is-it-next-week-yet? television, but I don't crush on them. Outcasts was intriguing and I'm glad I stuck with it, but ultimately - despite fascinating ideas and some engaging performances - the execution was lacking. Doctor Who is coming back soon. I did have a crush on Classic Who a couple of years ago, but that's deepened and mellowed into a love that I think will stay with me for life. 

Everything else I have to either wait for DVDs or hope for a delivery from the internet fairy. And nothing at the moment makes me want to go to any lengths to watch it. I never truly crushed on Chuck, and now it seems to have settled into a groove. It's an entertaining enough groove, but the backlog of episodes I've yet to get round to watching speaks volumes. 

I pine for Wonderfalls. I happily remember the first time I sat down and watched the first episode of Middleman. In case you're thinking it's all about squandered potential, I still get that same giddy feeling when I watch my Buffy DVDs. I've crushed on dozens of shows over the years. Remember Early Edition? I was daft for the first couple of seasons of that show. It is true though, that most of my hottest and heaviest televisual crushes have been short-lived programmes; for a while I wasn't sure that TV wasn't doing it on purpose! 

But as I say, I'm not feeling it so much at the moment. Where's my next big crush going to come from? I'm living on DVD box sets and cooking programmes right now! 

Of the upcoming US pilot season, there's not a huge amount that intrigues me. Ronald D Moore's 17th Precinct is getting a lot of buzz, but despite loving BSG (and Rizzo, natch), I'm not convinced. Hallelujah has some appeal: it's written by Marc Cherry (Desperate Housewives) and stars some actors I'm fond of. 

Grimm may have my attention. No big names apart from David Greenwalt (Angel) behind the scenes. Kinda quirky fairy tale angle. Actually, there seems to be a lo-ot of fairy tale vibing going on this year, but this seems like it has more potential for whimsy than the others. Big fan of whimsy, me. 

Actually, despite dutifully loathing the look and sound of it, I suspect I may end up liking the new Wonder Woman. Say what you like, and the internet already has, but I've crushed big time on the two David E Kelley shows I've watched (Ally McBeal and the incomparable Star Trek Actor's Retirement Ho - sorry, I mean Boston Legal). At one point, I had a very soft spot for the TV show most often name-checked in connection with this project: Sex and the City. In my defence, by the end I just wanted it to end, so I could get closure. I've not seen either of the films and I don't plan on it. But yeah, I'm horribly worried that if anything, I'll fall hard for a spandex-clad turkey. 

Of course, this is all dependent on my being able to watch any of them. With the demise of Virgin 1 and the new Sky Living scooping up its leftovers, this is in some doubt. Maybe it's time to think again about Sky... 

In summary, recommendations are welcome. Hopefully the above, and previous columns, have given you some idea of my tastes. If you think there's a show I might crush on, that I might have sleepless nights over, that I'll want to watch the moment I wake up in the morning, please tell me. I'll be ever so grateful.