GeekPlanetOnline is pleased to announce that we have appointed two new members of the management team this month, and I trust that you will join me in bidding them both a very warm welcome.

Joining us in the position of Community Co-ordinator is miniature modelling and painting vlogger Sim Lauren. In her new role it will be her job to steer us towards marginalised communities when seeking out partners and content producers, and to ensure that we meet our ongoing goal of providing a signal boost to communities outside of the "white, straight and cismale" template.

Also joining us this month is our new Reviews Editor, Samantha Jayne. Samantha comes from an experienced background in online journalism, gaining mainstream attention via The Guardian and as part of the Edinburgh Fringe festival’s Guide to Accessibility for her guest blogs on disability access for Pesky People. As Reviews Editor it will be her job to liaise between publishers and our review volunteers.

Both Sim and Samantha will also be advising me on how best to make GeekPlanetOnline and its content more accessible to people with disabilities, who are often left out and ignored by online fan communities. Whilst we are currently limited in this regard due to our small pool of volunteers, we will nonetheless be striving to achieve as much as we can with the resources that we have available.

I am very excited to have two such talented people joining the GeekPlanetOnline management team, and I look forward to working with them over the months ahead.


Matt Dillon




In the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that Samantha Jayne and Editor-in-chief Matt Dillon are engaged, and will be married in September of 2018. Their personal relationship has no impact on or relation to the operations of GeekPlanetOnline.