As part of our ongoing mission to make our content as accessible as possible, GeekPlanetOnline is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, we will be adding content warning badges to help readers who may find certain subjects triggering to make an informed choice about which of our articles they choose to read. This policy is not meant to censor discussion and it is not our intention to make any subject taboo; this is simply a small and subtle way of helping our visitors make the right decision for them. This policy applies to all written content published on or after 06/06/2017, although it is our hope to eventually revise all previously-published content to make use of the system.

Our content warning badges are colour-coded based on the subject being discussed and can be found immediately to the right of the content icon of GeekPlanetOnline's written content. If a badge is not displayed on an article dated after 06/06/2017 then it is our view that the content of the article doesn't require particular warning or labelling. The warning categories and colours are as follows (and please note that these descriptions may in themselves be triggering):


Content Warning: Domestic Violence and Abuse

 Domestic Violence and Abuse

The gold badge indicates content which describes acts of domestic abuse or violence, including psychological abuse such as gaslighting, negging, etc. and non-sexual child abuse.

Content Warning: Non-Sexual Violence

 Non-Sexual Violence

The green badge indicates content which describes detailed acts of violence. This could be anything from a personal attack, e.g. a mugging or murder, all of the way up to full-scale war or genocide.

Content Warning: Sexual Violence and Assault

 Sexual Violence and Assault

The red badge indicates content which describes acts of sexual violence and assault, including (and not limited to) rape and all non-consensual sexual acts.

Content Warning: Mental Health

 Mental Health

The purple badge indicates content which describes the symptoms, health implications or other consequences of mental illness. This includes depression, although there is some crossover with black badge content. Purple badge content will contain no mention of self-harm or suicide.

Content Warning: Self-Harm and Suicide

 Self-Harm and Suicide

The black badge indicates content which describes acts of self-harm or suicide, as well as benign acts such as euthanasia. This may also include drug abuse and other self-destructive behaviour.

Content Warning: Multiple Categories

 Multiple Categories

The rainbow badge indicates content which falls under two or more of the categories above. Such content will include a detailed trigger warning at the start of the article or review (after the header and media information in the case of reviews).


For now, our content warning system is restricted to written content only. This is due to our media publishing model, which provides the content creator with full control and responsibility for their content; as such, each of our podcasters has their own policy and procedure for marking content and providing warnings, which we will not interfere with. We appreciate that this may not be considered ideal, and over time we hope to work with our podcasters to make a more uniform system.

We are pleased to be able to add this feature as part of our ongoing commitment to increasing accessibility for the GeekPlanetOnline network. We will continue to monitor and revise our content policies as time moves on; if you have any concerns or feedback This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Matt Dillon