The Podcast MacabreGeekPlanetOnline is please to announce that from June 2017 the popular horror podcast The Podcast Macabre will be joining our network.

The Podcast Macabre sees three friends – Chris, Joe and Jenny – sit down for a about horror-themed films, TV, books, and everything in between and beyond. Running since 2015, the show features a light-hearted, friendly approach and focuses of the joy of the horror genre.

We hope you will join everybody here at GeekPlanetOnline in welcoming this new trio of terror to our community; their archive of episodes is currently being transferred to our server from their original hosts, and their new feed will be live within the next week.


We would also like to provide an update on our last content announcement, from March of this year. In this release we stated that four new podcasts would be joining the GeekPlanetOnline network before the end of the current quarter; two of those, ComicCityCast and The Nine Worlds Podcast have made their debut as schedule, whilst the other two, Diminishing Returns and The Joy of Stacks, have yet to premiere.

A pilot was recorded for Diminishing Returns as planned, but upon review none of the hosts – Matt Dillon, Matt Dray and Tanja Huvila – were happy with the results. It was mutually agreed that a revision of format and approach would be required, and as such the podcast has returned to development with an aim to debut later this year. The Joy of Stacks, also hosted by Tanja, has been delayed in development for personal reasons, but Tanja is still aiming for release in 2017. More on both of these podcasts as it develops.


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