With our Editor-in-chief working as a Content Producer at Nine Worlds 2017 it was perhaps inevitable that some GeekPlanetOnline-related content would end up sneaking onto the convention schedule, and with the convention six weeks away at time of writing we thought it was time to announce where and when you can expect to see us.

Matt will be generally hovering about in his volunteer role for the entire weekend, but he’ll also be taking part in the following content:


The Nine Worlds Podcast: Live – With co-host Misha Ankwell and guests Mike Brooks and Jeannette Ng.

A live recording of the official Nine Worlds podcast! Join hosts Misha and Matt, alongside special guests Jeannette Ng and Mike Brooks, as they have a good ol' geeky chat about whatever topic they've decided upon in a panic at the last minute!


Signal Boost: The Importance of Diverse Voices in Podcasting – With Lucy Hounsom, Hugh David, Byron Pitt and Jade Rose. Matt will be moderating.

The majority of podcasts which get attention are hosted by white, heterosexual men - but there's an entire world of diverse experiences and perspectives on iTunes that deserve to be heard. This panel invites podcasters who fall outside of the "pale, male and stale" demographic to share their experiences and to discuss why, perhaps now more than ever, minority voices in podcasting are so important.


Podcasting 101

A one-hour talk which demystifies the art of podcasting and shows you how anybody can do it for little or no money, and with no prior experience. If you've ever wanted to get your voice out there this is you!


Nine Worlds No-Stars: A Comedic Script Reading

The comic cons may have the famous voice actors, but what we lack in talent we make up for in spirit (and bad impressions!). Join us as a selection of staff and guests from the Nine Worlds crew read a mystery film or TV script whilst doing impressions of famous SFF characters as selected by you - yes, YOU! - the audience! Panel and selected script will be family friendly.


As mentioned above, Cinematic Dramatic’s Byron Pitt and former Eclectic Podcast and GPO Magazine contributor Hugh David will be attending Nine Worlds 2017 as part of Signal Boost: The Importance of Diverse Voices in Podcasting, and also another item yet to be announced.

Our Reviews Editor, Samantha Jayne, will also be attending Nine Worlds 2017, both in a volunteer capacity as Access Co-Ordinator and as a participant in the following content:


Access No Areas: Access Issues in Entertainment and Fandom – With Nina Grant, Martha Solomon and Charley Hasted.

A panel about the problems, issues and microagressions faced by people with disabilities and mental health issues in entertainment and fandom, including conventions.


Westworld: All the Feels, All the Thoughts – With Tom Parker, Iris Fritschi-Cussens and Dr. Steph Rennick

This doesn't look like anything to me. An enthusiastic fan-panel discussing the themes, forms and plot-twists of the hit HBO television series Westworld. Warning! Will contain extensive discussion of major plot elements from season one!



There are still both single day and full weekend tickets available via the Nine Worlds 2017  website, and children accompanied by a ticket-holder are admitted free! As ever, the GeekPlanetOnline crew are approachable and happy to chat, so if you see one of us come and say hello!